President's Message

We educate global, convergent, and innovative Minds.

  • The Geumgang University is the first Liberal Arts University in Korea to be fashioned after Residential Colleges in Western countries.

    Adopting a concentrated strategy, the University has chosen to focus on two areas of study: the Faculty of Buddhism and Humanities, and the Faculty of Public Policy.

    With full support from the Chontae Order of Korean Buddhism, the Geumgang University has produced the highest percentage of students studying abroad in comparison to other universities in Korea.

    The Faculty of Buddhism and Humanities has been expanding its global academic networks in East Asia and North America by organizing joint research and hosting academic conferences with its Chinese and Japanese counterparts, as well as collaborating with Harvard University in the United States for long-term joint research projects.

    The second pillar of the Geumgang University, the Faculty of Public Policy, has the distinction of matriculating the highest proportion of students going into public service, private corporations, and social works sectors, in Korea.

    In response to the increasing demands from neighboring cities, including the government institutions at the administration complex city of Sejong and the headquarters of Army, Navy and Air Force in Gyeryong City, the Faculty will expand its programs in order to meet the educational needs of the country’s most important public institutions.

    The ultimate goal of the Geumgang University is to educate students to become creative talents who prioritize community service while being fully equipped to lead the globalized AI (Artificial Intelligence) era in the 21st century.

    To this end, the University provides students with a wide variety of opportunities to participate in and contribute to industry-academia collaborations across urban and rural communities, and the global community as a whole.

    Since its establishment in 2002, the Geumgang University has received full accreditation for all academic fields.

    With such a distinction, the University is fully prepared to initiate a new era of transformation and provide top quality education in East Asia. I greatly appreciate your enthusiastic participation and support in these endeavors.

    Yong-duck Jung