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President's Message

We educate global, convergent, and innovative Minds.

  • The beginning of Global Leaders!
    Korean Liberal Arts College - Geumgang University

    Since its establishment in 2002, Geumgang University has been fulfilling its mission to provide education for a small group of elite students. In order to achieve this, Geumgang University has prioritized quality improvement in education and research over quantitative growth. We believe that by providing the best education in various disciplines, we can cultivate each student’s unique talents so that they can contribute to the global society.

    Due to the rapid development of technology, there is no shortage of educational materials and resources. Yet, this abundance has been accompanied by a lack of focus and direction among young people. What society needs more than ever is a population that combines a creative and convergent mindset that makes effective use of the ever-growing number of technologies and resources and combines them with a respect for the humanities. In other words, we must always keep the past in our field of view while looking towards the future. In order to instill this in our students, we will be implementing a policy wherein students at Geumgang University are required to read more than 100 books of Eastern and Western classics, and conduct discussion based on them in classes, beginning in 2023. We believe that by studying classic literature, students can begin to create a future by making strong connections with the past and the present.

    In addition, we are nurturing true global talents through double major programs such as Buddhist Studies, Public Administration, Business Administration, and Social Welfare. Within each program, there is great emphasis on improving language skills. Furthermore, we strongly support linkages with other educational institutions by encouraging students to pursue dual degrees with famous international universities. With these practices, we are working to establish a student population that is ready to withstand the challenges of globalization.

    At this university, our idea of education means nurturing students who can understand the world as it is, deeply reflect on humanity by reading works of the past, and create the future using the tools that technology provides. To this end, Geumgang University values each and every student and puts every effort in supporting them to grow into world leaders.

    The ultimate goal of Geumgang University is to nurture talents who can serve the public interest with benevolent hearts. Guemgang University is always open to those who have a dream and passion to create a better world. Creative practitioners! Come to Geumgang and let’s build a bright future!

    Thank you.

    Acting President of Geumgang University