We educate global, convergent, and innovative Minds.

Founding Spirit

With its new commitment to convergence and innovation Geumgang University begins its history aiming to become one of the leading IT-based startup schools and one of the best universities in the world.

금강대학교 건국이념 - 전문지식의 체득, 참된 인간성 함양, 창조적 능력의 발휘

  •  자아완성(自我完成)
    • Recruitment of World-class Faculty
    • T-based Startup Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Overseas Study Programs and Attraction of International Students
    • Promotion of Industry-University Applied Research and Student Startups
    • Promotion of Regional Specialization Projects
    • Better Communication and Harmony among Geumgang Memebers
    • Implementation of Fund Raising and other Financing Plans

Objectives 자세한 내용은 하단참조
All GGU studetns will become innovative and competent startup entrepreneurs
  • Global IT-based Startup Programs
    • Global IT-based Startup Campus
    • Global IT-based Partnership
    • Global Multi-Major Startup Platform
  • Programs for all Geumgang students
    • Overseas Study Programs
    • Scholarhips
    • Dormitory rooms for all Geumgang students
    • T-based Startup Partnership for all Geumgang students