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Screening and Benefits

We educate global, convergent, and innovative Minds.

Graduate School

The Social Welfare and Buddhist Studies department offer master’s and doctoral programs. These programs pursue a thorough understanding of Buddhism through in-depth studies of original texts. Based on such understanding, the programs seek a universal welfare perspective that places great value on human dignity. In so doing, the graduate school promotes academic development of Buddhism and social welfare while finding practical ideas that come from Buddhist ethics and the value of social welfare.

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Screening and Benefits
1 Screening Process: Paper screening followed by an interview
2 Scholarships : Merit-based scholarships for those who have high academic achievements
3 Buddhist priests of the Korean Cheontae Order to be awarded Cheontae Order Scholarship (covering 100% of both entrance and tuition fees)
4 Students may receie merit-based scholarship funded by Lee Seung-Eun Foundation.
5 Graduates (bachelors and masters) from Geumgang University and Buddhist priests from other Buddhist orders to be awarded Geumgang Scholarship
(covering 100% of the entrance fee)
6 Dormitory room provided while enrolled in the programs
- For more information contact the Academic Team of Graduate School, Geumgang University at 041-731-3130, or http://www.ggu.ac.kr/graduate